Elkton Community Kitchen

You are joining with other amazing provider groups which include local area businesses, school groups, churches, individual families, and local social service agency volunteers. As a newly-joined volunteer, this page is designed to provide you with basic information that will assist you in building your volunteer team as well as preparing for your Friday lunch service with us.

ECK Anchor

This is a member of the Elkton Community Kitchen board and they connect with the Provider groups beforehand and the Provider crew the day of service to ensure a smooth lunch service. Their roles and responsibilities are listed below.

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Roles & Responsibilities

Provider Liaison
  • Decide menu for 80-100 lunches
  • Decide meal for 1 foster family to serve 8 people
  • Organize 8-10 volunteers
    • Prepare and serve menu. Clean kitchen, dishes, dine hall
ECK Anchor
  • Contact Provider Liaison to offer suggestions for menu and food preparation consistent with kitchen equipment, lunch practices, and meal for the family
  • Prepare initial cleaning of kitchen, dining hall for crew
  • Organize ECK volunteers
  • Provide donated desserts, if requested by Provider
  • Ensure event conducted in accord with EPC and ECK requirements

Helpful Information

Provider Liaison & Crew
  • Come any Friday to observe a lunch first-hand and meet an ECK Anchor for an operations tour
  • Have lunch after all guests have been served
  • Make guests feel welcome, carry on brief conversations, offer friendly smiles, and wholesome interactions
  • ECK asks that the Crew do NOT provide any guest with money or transportation
ECK Anchor
  • Contact the Provider Liaison in the event of closure and lunch cancellation due to inclement weather or emergency

A Typical Friday Lunch Service

Morning Prep

Provider Crew
  • Arrive at 10:30 am, depending on the menu
  • Register as a volunteer
  • Bring the following:
    • Menu food
    • Meal for foster family
    • Gallon of fresh milk
    • 10 drying towels
ECK Anchor
  • Provide:
    • Cleaning and serving supplies (Dish soap, disinfectant, sanitizer, gloves, plates, utensils, napkins, cups, trays)
    • Fully-stocked kitchen (Pots, pans, serving utensils, large bowls, roasters, commercial oven, counter space, refrigerator)
    • Choice of hot or cold beverage

Friday Lunch

Provider Crew
  • Identify task assignments for each volunteer
  • Transfer prepared food from kitchen to serving tables beginning 11:45am
    • Arrange food service in 2 serving lanes
    • Begin food service at direction from ECK
ECK Anchor
  • Ring call to lunch bell at Noon
  • Make announcements, introduce Provider crew, invite prayer requests, offer prayer, invite guests to form lines to begin lunch
  • Second-serving bell at 12:30pm

After Lunch

Provider Crew
  • Perform cleaning tasks:
    • Wash/dry/store all dishes, trays, and utensils
    • Sanitize all kitchen counter and stove surfaces
    • Sanitize all dining and serving tables
    • Store tables and chairs, as required
    • Sweep kitchen and dining hall floors
    • Move all trash to outside bins
  • Prepare all remaining food for removal
  • Coordinate with ECK Anchor to deliver foster family meal
ECK Anchor
  • Ensure cleanup of all areas is complete
  • Arrange delivery of remaining food to Shelter, if appropriate
  • Secure building after all volunteers have exited